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Treading New Territory with Social Media

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I’m treading new territory by building my own websites and updating or deleting old ones. The easy thing to do would be to hire a web developer, which I have done in the past.  I had two great web developers.  Ella Curry of EDC Creations who designed my jjmichael website and Catrina Davis of Amsterdam who built the pathtotruth site.

As a gatejumper, I have to post and make daily changes. I’m used to doing different tasks on sites where I have webpages such as, or But now I need to be in the driver’s seat of my two main sites ( and that means learning how they operate.

I found hosting sites such as and that offer friendly user tools to build your site.  Watching the video on building the site, I thought at the time it looked easy, but  I ran into a few glitches when I actually started to work on them. They’re a work in progress.

Chris Brogan saved the day. I read his blog about Thesis Theme for WordPress.  Thesis Theme 5.1 is a high-quality template system that allows you to do technical things such as move columns, add sidebars, plugins, with a click.

That’s for me, I thought, because it will give me control over the sites and help me work through those glitches. Without hesitation, I clicked on

Downloading the Thesis 1.5 was easy; uploading it to my WordPress dashboard stumped me. I had never uploaded files to a website.

Several hours later, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. It  was frustrating, but I learned about FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and publishing documents to the web. Being a gatejumper is not only about doing but also about learning that’s where the wisdom comes in.

During my “aha” moment, I heard the door bell ring. It was the UPS guy delivering the memory chip I had order for the computer.  Before returning to my desk to finish dealing with the upload of the Thesis file to my wordpress theme folder, I took a moment to read the simple instructions on the back of the memory chip package. Then I reached into the drawer and pulled out a screwdriver.  If there’s no blog up next week and you don’t see any improvements on the websites, you know what happened.


2012 Movie

A new movie titled 2012 is being released in November of this year. It is an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors. You can go online and see the trailer at www.

Hollywood is at it again sensationalizing the myth surrounding the date 2012. Unfortunately, many people will latch on to this idea of doom and gloom, because many ancient societies predicted that something monumental was going to happen. But they couldn’t tell us what.

The time leading up to 2012 is called the Great Awakening–a time when we will be awakened to a new consciousness or a time when humanity will be unified spiritually through a period of intense transformation. However, letting films like 2012, stir up fear within us will keep us stuck in the old world concepts.

The Great Awakening is the time allotted for cleansing and change-to allow us to prepare to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness or thinking. We don’t know what is going to happen. So, don’t quit your job, run up your credit or live hazardously trying to squeeze in life before 2012.

But, this is what we do know. Scientifically, we are coming to the end of a great year. It takes 25, 920 years for the equinoxes to move through all 12 zodiac signs. The planet Earth is now leaving the Age of Pisces, which has been the Christian era to enter the quadrant of Aquarius. Could this be the dawning of the New Age? An age that will embody the world’s dream of a “golden age.”  Read more in Path to Truth, p.8 &19.

In July, I attended Gregg Braden’s workshop at the Unity village in Kansas City, Missouri. Gregg stated this isn’t the first time a great cosmic year has come to an end. And humankind survived to record the event. This is a new beginning. He stressed that we must live from the heart to stay strong and protect the Earth’s magnetic field, because our thoughts will either strengthen or weaken it.

To learn more about how to live from the heart go to The Global Coherence Initiative at

Social Media Do List

Write a blog, visit several social media websites, comment on other’s blogs, check email and post tweets.  And this is only a fraction of the things I need to do, to build and maintain a successful platform to plug my Spirituality brand.  Daunting? Intimidating?  Yes a little of both. But being the extrovert that I am, I quickly pulled out my iPod touch and started a “Social Media Do List.”

I had it all under control as least I thought I did, until I discovered, a social media guide. I was like a kid in a candy store. The first article that struck my fantasy was 10 Word press Plugins to Promote Social Media Profiles. I stayed there longer than I had planned and it wasn’t even on my list.  Pulling myself away after scrolling through their archives, I bookmarked it and added it to the bottom of my list, promising myself to stay focus.

Earlier I had installed, and learning how to get comfortable with it was next on the list. For the next hour, I played with Tweetdeck and loved the way my tweets were instantaneously posted on Twitter and Facebook and my URL’s were shortened.

I glanced at my list and it was time for me to read Chapter Six, Create Your Brand, in Dan Schawbel’s book Me.2. In this chapter, Dan states that you need a personal branding toolkit and personal brand statement to showcase who you’re.  I had to go back to the drawing board to come up with a statement that would reflect my brand.

In the previous blog, I stated that my brand was Spirituality—to awaken others to the truth principles and laws of the universe in order to live a better life. Okay, I made some changes to the statement, but that’s the beauty of this. As a gatejumper you’re not locked into established rules; you’re free to take risks and make changes.  I had to shorten it. Thanks to writing hundreds of tweets, this is my personal brand statement: Follow the Path to Truth.

Baby Boomer meets Social Media

Two weeks have past, since I attended the Writer’s Digest Conference and emerged myself into the world of the Web and Internet. Before the conference, my computer experience consisted of typing my stories in Microsoft word, searching Goggle, typing a couple of characters on Twitter and posting photos and messages to my family and friends on Facebook. Then like Neo in the Matrix movie, because I wanted to know more about the subtle energies of the world, I swallowed the red pill and emerged into a world of feeds, pingbacks, plug-ins and Html.  It didn’t stop there. I had to figure how to use Google Desktop, manage iphone apps,  record podcasts and plan a virtual book tour for my books.

Afriend asked me, “Why do you need to know all of those things for marketing?” My answer was simple. ” Social media is more than about marketing; it’s revolutionizing the way we interact in the world. Whether we like it or not the world is going digital. And this baby boomer doesn’t plan to be left behind.”  My next step into the world of social media was to determine my brand.  For me this was a real struggle, because I ‘m a writer, numerologist and spiritual advisor. I had to narrow it down.

At the Social Media Session of the recent October Capital Bookfest in Largo, Maryland, sponsored by Kwame Alexander, Donna Hill, an author and one of the presenters said, “Your brand is that idea that is always with you no matter what kind of books you write or what you do.” She had no more uttered the words, when this thought flowed through my consciousness– everything you write, say, and do is about spiritual truth and inspiring others.  Yeah, I wanted to jump up and shout out–“I know my brand.”  But I sat there quietly as million of thoughts ran through my mind. But don’t worry, I guarantee you’ll soon find out what they are.

Writer’s Digest Conference

Thumbs up to Writer’s Digest for a great conference the weekend of September 18-20; I met a lot of wonderful people from all over the country. Their faces were full of aspiration and anticipation as they sat through workshop after workshop to learn how to get published. Having achieved that goal being both a self-published and traditional published author, I was there to learn how to build my marketing platform to take my writing career to the next level. I learned you can be a gatekeeper and do things the old traditional way or you can be a gatejumper and make your own game and rules to play by to get the results you want.

What I liked about the conference was they had both gatekeepers and gatejumpers there. The gatekeepers were the literary agents presenting us with all the things writers do wrong in query letters and how if we don’t do it their way we don’t get pass the gate. See, gatekeepers have specific rules for their game and you have to play their way. While gatejumpers make their own game and rules, they are the ones who travel the new model path of taking their product directly to the audience, get recognition and let the big publishing house, music industry, whatever come to them.

Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood are living proof that  gatejumping works. They used a variety of audiovisual tools, specifically podcasting to land fiction book deals with major publishers. I now have a microphone plugged to my PC.

On the second day of the conference, the conferees were buzzing about Chris Brogan and his bestselling book, Trust Agents. When Chris finished giving his presentation on using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and other online social networks and tools to build a marketing platform, not only did he fire us up to go out and change the face of publishing but he also had us in stitches. I do believe he could get a second job as a stand-up comedian.

So, as I write out my marketing platform, I thought about what Mike Shatzkin, a digital publishing futurist, told us— publishing like other industries is going through a drastic transformation due to digital change.

I immediately brought Trust Agents, Blogging for Dummies, Twitters Tips, Tricks, and Tweets, and I’m happily traveling the path of social media.  Welcome to my blog.

Wake up America

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Wake up America—The Game is now Dirty Politics!Even though I have always voted in all the state and national elections, I slept through the political process of elections. I discovered I was not alone and there are many who are still in the dream state.  It is not until this presidential election that I woke up. I credit my new awareness of politics to my daughter. We had many political discussions about the presidential campaign. Then I read Senator Obama’s books and listened to several of his speeches. They all resonated with my own sentiments about America and a time for change.   As Senator Obama often says, the change is about changing mindsets. I am a firm believer that if you change your consciousness, you change your life. The old paradigm of polarity, wars, and inequities that held us bondage is being dug up and tossed out by a young Senator with a purpose to change how we think about ourselves as individuals and as part of the human race. He is changing the consciousness of not only America but other countries as they too are closely following our electoral process and the speeches of Senator Obama calling for compassion, acceptance, equity, and unity for everyone.As a neophyte in politics, I am learning how dirty politics can be or I should say how dirty the Clinton campaign can be. Just before the Ohio and Texas primaries, Senator Clinton threw the kitchen sink and the garbage disposal at Senator Obama. Her campaigned lied and distorted the facts about his campaign’s involved with the Canadians and NAFTA* in order to win the Ohio and Texas primaries. They used a commercial ad that put fear in the minds and hearts of Americans. Just think how this played out overseas? You might say this is part of that dirty politics.  But why would we want someone who lies, cheats and do character assassinations to be commander-in-chief? Do you really think Senator Hillary Clinton would change once she is in the White House? She cares more about winning then about a better quality of life for Americans and others. I do not want a candidate that fights so dirty she forgets the basic principle of honoring one another.  Imagine what this person would do as commander-in-chief.  She would misuse power the same way her husband did when he stepped over the line and got involved with a young intern then lied about it.  We can’t allow this to happen. Together we can change the political system of America to unite all people by getting involved.  We can even forgive the Clintons!If you are not an Obama supporter, I urge you to take the time and find out about Senator Barack Obama. I strongly recommend that you read or listen to the audio version of his autobiography, Dreams From my Father.  You can also go to his website— and read about his polices.  Become a supporter for truth, life and liberty. You can talk up Senator Barack Obama. Have conversations with your family, friends and co-workers. Send emails, write blogs, and donate your time and money.  The Clinton campaign has demonstrated that they twist and distort the truth.  They will continue to use these negative tactics. And oftentimes, the media will spin the negative. We can do a lot at the grass root level by dispelling these false accusations by the Clintons. As in the Matrix, we can take the red pill and wake up in our beds and live the same way we have for centuries or we can take the blue pill and become an awakener to truth and change for progress.      *You can read the truth about NAFTA at:

Interview with JJ Michael by Afrika Midnight Asha Abney

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What is your name?


 J.J. Michael

 Tell me something about yourself:  

I have a B.A. from Howard University and MLS from the University of Maryland. I worked as Head of the twenty-six branches of District of Columbia Library for a number of years. Now, I am an author of two contemporary spirituality/Christian fiction titles: Life is Never as Its Seems (2005) and It’s Not Over Yet (2007) published by Genesis Press. I am also an intuitive numerologist. I can actually look at a person’s name and birth date and tell you many things about their personality and destiny. This gift has allowed me to help many individual in their spiritual growth through my writing.

 What is your profession? 

I am a full time writer, intuitive numerologist, and Chios Master Teacher and Healer.

 What are your goals for your writing career? 

I am writing the third book in the Lindy Lee trilogy. I also write metaphysical non-fiction books. I self-published through in 2000, Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness. This book provides an awareness and understanding of the seven spiritual laws and mysteries of the universe and how these teachings are applicable in today’s world. Readers can download the ebook version of Path to Truth at I also plan to do another ebook on the Law of Mind.

 Who are some of your favorite authors? 

I do a lot of research and read a lot of non-fiction books. Some of my favorite authors in this category are Gregg Braden, Elizabeth Gilbert, Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Oracle, and Osho. My favorite fiction writers are Bebe Moore Campbell, Sidney Shelton, Octavia Butler, Dan Brown, Francis Ray, Walter Mosley, Tananarive Due and James Patterson.

 How long have you been writing? 

I always wanted to be a writer. I remember writing my first story at the age of nine and sending it off to publishing houses. As I read books such as the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist, I knew that I wanted to write book that promote conscious awakening and spiritual empowerment. As I mentioned, I self-published my first book in 2000. However, I did technical writing for my job.

 What are some of your favorite books?

I love the Da Vinci Code, Celestine Prophecy, the Alchemist, The Truth, Eat, Pray, Love, Living Blood, and Parable of the Sower.

  What genre do you like reading the most?

 I love reading metaphysical, spirituality, religious, science fiction, and contemporary fiction.

 Tell us something about your most recent book?What inspired you to write your most recent book? 

My first fiction book, Life is Never as It Seems, tells the story of a young woman, Lindy Lee, coming of age in 1967, as she transforms through the complexities of love, spirituality and religion. The free-standing sequel, It’s Not Over Yet, (July 2007), takes place in the late seventies and Lindy Lee must choose either her family and their traditional religious beliefs or her new spiritual beliefs and the man she loves.

 What inspired you to write your most recent book?

Life is Never as It Seems ends in a cliff-hanger. I received lots of mail from my readers wanting to know what happens to the characters in the book. Of course, I couldn’t leave my readings hanging out there!

 After readers have read your book, what do you want them to walk away with?

Most of my readers have told me that even though my books are fiction, they find themselves underlining much of the information dealing with metaphysics. I want to promote self growth and self-realization.

 Who published your most recent book? What was it like working with them? 

Genesis-Press published by two fiction books and they are releasing Life is Never as It Seems in mass market paperback in March 2008. I have learned a great deal from both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

 Do you have a specific target audience for your most recent book? 

My books are for everyone. Since my first book, I do have people who follow my writing.

 Who designed your cover? 

Chris Ester ( the artist for Genesis Press.

 Is there any advice that you can offer for new or emerging authors? 

Yes, write, write and write. Believe in yourself and your writing. Learn everything you can about the publishing and writing fields.

 Do you have any projects that you are working on? 

I am still promoting my books and as I previously mentioned, I am writing the third book in the series and a non-fiction book.

 Where can the readers find more about you and your work or projects? 

The readers can go to my website: or visit me on They can sign up for my newsletter on either website.

 Where can interested prospective readers purchase your books? 

They can purchase them at all major bookstores, Genesis-Press, Karibu Bookstores, and online at, B&N. com. They can also download my ebook, Path to Truth, at

Thank you and many blessings to you and your readers.

Change Your Mind Before You Make Resolutions!

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Happy New Year!

The quote for the day is: “Put your thought where  it will count. Focus on what you want to manifest in life.”

 Many of you will make New Year resolutions that will only last for a month, if that long. If you really want to change your life then you have to change your mind. The mind is like a computer. You have to program it. There is a very powerful universal principle called the Law of Mind that tells you how to do that. The Law of Mind states that you are what you think. Every time you think and attach emotions to the thought, you create some form of energy, whether it is positive or negative. Before you make those New Year resolutions check out your thoughts,belief system and emotions. Also check out how you are feeling because you are like a magnet attracting (Law of Attraction) to you those people, places and things vibrating on your wave length. Again, I repeat, you are what you think and feel.  Take charge today and get in control of your thoughts. An uncontrolled mind can lead you on a path of many challenges. 

Learn more about the Law of Mind and three easy steps to control your mind, download The Path to Truth ebook at

J.J. Michael is an intuitive numerologist and author or Life is Never as it Seems, It’s Not Over Yet and Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness. Sign up for the Path2truth ezine at